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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 27, 2012 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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flight.. tte plane with a crippled propeller... and theequicc hinking that pot a plaae down safely. &p------------------------------ ------------------- looking for justice. justice.daniel 4410 greg was a kind aad loving persoo .... a man's pacrifice in the searchh or his brother's killer. -------------------------------- ------------------- a mostly clear weekend ahead.. but there is a chance for flurries. who will see the most.... in my skywatch forrcast. -------------------------------- ------------------- shake--p.the team's new the contoversial coaah that will keep his job. i'm jeff barndd and 'm karrn parks.ticket troubles in east back tonight afterrgeeting severalltickets for ricey all aapears... to bee.. .a.. ccotly mistake... keith daniels.../ live.../ ii... east baltimore... witt a story ../ yyu're seeing first on fox. kei? keith? jeff..... we're live on .........'s a bbsy
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block where parking is aa luxury.....not only for the people who live here.. but also for peoole who work close by. but toniggt..... ickee troubles for some of those worrers.. and they're complaining........ we caaght up of them..- p3 p3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 melinda hawes has been parking on north bond near eaat madison for monthss... it's a few blocks away from her job at the hopkins medical campus....but she vvids that pricey garage...... but now.......(hawes))"i feel like i'm a target....." .........the city is taking a &pbite f her pocketbook... wit errors.....costly mistakes. (hhwes) ""n money, in gass, just tiie away from work, where i needdtoobee..." ........hawes has gotten 3 citations.. te latest this week......(ááánats up ffll: "this issthe exact spot where i assparked at..."ááá) .......... arring mettr piolation wednesday..on a street where there are no parking meters..(hawes) "there are no meters.. not on this block, noo across the stteet,,
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not around the cornnr....." ............hawes also got two ttckets for an expired tag.. whennit'' not... a ticket in august and november in 2011 until march this ear. out one of hose citations.. not guilty. ut the will cost her more money and time off work to coorect in court. now, advicc ffom one frustrated driver. - i understanddyou doing your - job. i have to do a job as well, but i can't make the mistakessthat these people re a mistake. these ticcets are $32 a piice and that's 3 tickets at $32 dollars.. i don't have that and nor do i feel like iishould pay it when adriinne barnes, a spokkspersso at the ccty traasportation ddpartment says she doeen't want anyone to be
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responsible for errorssthe offiiers on the ttckets.... .....she says thee wwll ook into the matttr. live in eest baltimore, keith aniels, fox 45 news at ten. 3 3&an... armed man,.../// ááslamsáá... into... a car.../ in... west baltimore...// 2---omen,,, to the hospital. happenedd.../ at... eutaw.../ and... whitt- áágroceriesáá... were... strewn .../ on ...the say... the man.../// á broad-ssied...// this minivan..../ mangled...// debris...// shows... tte force .../ of... the impact...////. áátheáá coolision.../ pushed ...the minivan.../ onto ...the ssdewaak.../ ááandáá... into... the.../ victims....// áábotháá... are... recoverr..//. áátheáá suspect'ss../ behind bars.../// 3 a woman is sentenced to liie in prisoo without parrle for killing her co--orker at a bethesda yoga shop. shop.brittany norwood was convicted of ffrss degree murder for the attack inside the lululemon athletica shop back in march 2001.prosecutors pay the victim, jana murray, was ssabbed and bludgeoned
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huudreds of times. norwood initially toll police that the closinggthe store.... but later confessed. 3 the family of an anne arundel county maa killed at his home in an apparent robbery s offfeing a reward. myranda stephens went to finddthe killers. nats of lyers daniel sears and his family are desperate... people... who took away their joy. daniel 4310 greg was a -k. ppuses... and we just waat to find out. we need to find out 20 36-year-old gregory seaas was killed pround 2-a--... jaauary 6th... during an aaparent robbbry at his home onnian's alley inn laurel. his family says he had juuttreturred home from a late night attworr. 4454 two mmn approached him and we're not very clearrwhat happened from those ten minutes but they didd
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rob grrg and thhn shot himm pere in the ggragg 088yranda months pregnant at the time - waa actually upssairs in the home when he was killed. she gave birth to the couple's first child eleven days later. 511354 his first hild. and preg will ever be able to hold that child 59on issway to shock traumaa- where he tell policc that ittwas two men weaaing masks andddarr clothing who robbeddhim. 55::1 best friend second 54 his 8-thousand dollars to raisee 10-thoosand. david 56:21 n to - nobody should have to o through this. hopefullyywe can catch these guys and no other family will have to gg through this. nats f fllerssa plea for help... and closure. 4450 positive 53 in laurel, myrandaa 3pstephens, fox45 news at ten. annone witt information shouldd call metro crime stopperssat one eight six six seven lock 3 fight back...
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against crimee./ áandáá take... wanned fugitives.../ street...//. opening p ...our.../ fugitive files... tonightt. / ááhopinn áá ááhopinn áá ou... can elp. joy lepola .../ live.... at... the warrant ...apprehension taak force.../ .../ in... north baltimore.../ áááitháá the latest ...on the fugitives. our fugitive files hotline is open.. and detectives are standing by. ww three suspects tonightt. one oo thhm making his second ppearance on fugitive f. files. 23-year old naul jose matute is wanted for first deeree attempted murder. police say in october of last yeaa.. he tried to slice entered her home. instead.. he cut her cheek.. but then cut her hand her in the chest. naul jose matute is 5- feet 8-inches tall and weighs 175 pounds.(())
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adan villano-leon is wantte on assault and robbery charges. investigators say in august.. he and two other men phone. it happened on eastern avenueenear south annnstreet. adan villano-leon is 5--eet pounds.(()) and then there's 19 year old reggie adams. he's wanted for assaulting a policeeofficer. tww pis ccr and when they asked hii to step out.. investigators say he ttied o run an ooficer over. rrggie adams is 6-feet 1-inch tall and weighs if you havv any innormaaion on these suspeccs.. call our fugitive files hotline at 410-637-8970. ll calls are &pkept strictly confidential. also with us tonight... lt. brian mattloniss from the wwrrant apprehension pask force.. he has pore on these suspects.áánaul jose matute áá the number again s 410-637- 8970.. and we will check back
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in on fugitive files later baltimore's.../ police commissioner.../ admits../ "police.../ have... to do better....." ááthissá morning, ...// hee../
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of... two... ../ outsiders.../ áájjffáá abell ... explains.../ the... change.../ in... baltimore's... top brass....// brass....// (12:56:36) (walks in) &p"good morning...." at police headquarters this morning......tte ommissioneer inttoddced his newest hires..... two outsiders who will ssume two of the department's top obs. (13:27:38) "thatsswhat this has to be proof oo. we'rr trying to do it better ttan ww're doing it today..." the commissioner has named grayling williams as the new director of iiternal williams haa spent much of his career with the dde-a..... (13:06:55) (williams) "nothing that i've seen or readdaboot baltimore p-d gave me pause...." former gaithersburg police chief john king will lead the citys traaning division.. (13:10:355 (king) "i think there's thiigs the departments been doing all aaong but you neee to re-emphasize it...." (towing video) their hiringsscome aftee the arrest of ttirty officers....who were accused of takiig kickbaaks fromma towing company. thee deparrmentts aaso been criiiiized for he friendly fire death of anothhr officer outside baltimmoe nightclub. constaatly in motion, things &pwe have to fix...." (13:47:50) (abell) "the commissioner vows to do top
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onll internally here at .not - review and, perhaps, re-write to officers here on the street." (13:20:20) "its process...." the commissioner has amed major margaret barillaro to oversee tth rewriting oo department it'll lead to accreditation from a natiooal laa enforcement commission. (13:25:22) "i think immeddately you'll see some commissioner admits thhre's - broken relatiooship in paats of the community..... one he's vowing to repair. (13:36:50) "stop cheesing off the peeole you serve. start bbilding relationships and you can leed to better results. we've committed ourselves to that...." jeff abell, fox 45, ews at ten. ááafteráá the... departtent launched .../ a.../ nationwide search ...last summmr. maryland first lady katie o'malley ii apologizing fter calling some delegates cowaads por witching their votes oo she made the comment last sion.-
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&ppighh at a gay rights conference in baltimore.a same-sex marriage bill passed in the senate ast year, but fllor when eaddrs found they were a few votes shorttof passage.the first lady issued the betterrof me." dreem act .../ is... he focus .../ of... a.../ court hearing.../ in... rydell ... says.../.// ááaáá... judge... is... hearing ááonáá whether ... voters .../ will... fate .../ of.../ discounted... college tuition.../ or... . illegals... ((nats))forrillegal immiirants....t wasa major victory.governor o'malley signed abill alllwing pay the maryland collges. pbut ooponents... colllcted more than 100-thousand signaturessfrom placeethe issue...on this sides...aresquaring off in court. (parrott) "they want to chhat the maryland voters from beeng able to vott on thhs issue in november, it's simply noo fair and it's not going to he says while i-state tuition-
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may eventually cost the state more money... it's not... an appropriations bill....which ps exempted frrm referendums. (parrott) we're not talking about raising taxes with this bill, we're not talking about actually giving any type of money at all."casa de maryland haa since dropped part of its original suit... alleging praud in how signatures were it still claims the eferenddm should be declared... in-valid. (sandler) "any bill that provides for the funding of thh state'ssoperations s not subject to referendummso ii can't be interrupted." (propeak) "but f at the end of the day we're not successful in the courts, we're confident that a majority of maryyanderr are going to support education access for all maryland kids." (rydell) "judge ronald silkworth is not expected to for at least another week. but lawyers on both sides the question on whether maryland voters will weigh in nn in-state tuition could ultimately be decided by the maryland court of appeals."in annapolis, john rydell,,fox 45 news at ten. if.../ the... judge... rejects.../ the...
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arggments.../ will decide.... the...matter...// in...tte fall. even ssronger anti-immigrant st. stance.frederick county commissioners voted 4-11this week to hold a public hearing in february to adopt english as the county's official language. in 2008 the resolution saying english aa the county's official language, but it carried no presidenn baline yyung says the english law will help keep illegals from coming to frederick county. nothing.../ divvdes... ravens fans.../ more than.../ the... name,.../ "cam cameron"...//. ááloveáá or... hate him,.../ ááhe'sáá... here stay....// áámorganáá adsit.../ explains why... the ravens.../ decided .../ to... eep cam. &p3 john harbaugh calledda presser his new defensive to announce story in sports unniiited... but soon after dean pees took the stage....the ocus immeeiately went to the other side of the ball.the oofense. security.the offensive coordinator's contracttis up at the end of this seasonn..
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and harbaugh said cam ill stay as ravenssoffenniie coordinator..harbaugh said it's a no rainer...the ravens won 13 gaaes thhs seasonn..won the a-f-c north...hosted a playoff game....and were one dropped pass away from being in the super bowl..while fans have wanted cam goneebecause of play calling... harbaugh says what the offense id this iill be back in i'll be back ii sports unlimited...with more on ddan pees...tte guy harbaugh promoted tt replace defensive coorrinator chuck paaano.jefff our... question of the day..... ""do... you agree.../ &p with... the decisson... cameeon .../ as... offensivv coordinator? áágoáá.../ to... our... facebook age,.../// áámanyáá... of...
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sounding off... on this decision. 3 "towson is ready for itss 3close" closeup" hundreds of jobs anddnew usinesses re coming to towson. we'll show you the plans for a landmarkk roject that spans froo the firss settlee's in baltimore county, to a megaplex movie theater. howwmuch woull it take for you to put your life on the line? a million dollars? a hundred thousand? the surprisingly small offer for a near death trrp offered up by ccsta cruises. 00:00:04 jumping jaccs 00:09 00:09 the key is take you insideethese icyy waters and showwyou how polar beer plunge. her ccild are trapped beeind a
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wall of flaaes. flames.this early morning fire it broke out around 4 a-m at l.- phis home on ravvnwood venne near belair oad in northeast baltimore.crews arrived to find heavy flames on the first were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and severe burns. the cause of the fire is uuder iivestigation. both the woman and child are expected to recover. the... facee.. of... downtown towson .../ is... changing....// áátheateráá giant... "cinemark "...// ááwilláá.../ be... the first tenant ...// in.,.. what...// janice park... tells us.../ ááwillááá.. be... n.../ 85... milllon pollar... entertainment.../ center..../ janice? jaaice? jeff,this space has long been considered an cannsee there's pot really much there.but developers tonight...along with the ounty executive are making huge promisess
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promises. the annoucement came popcorn: a side of cinemark...the larrest theater commany in the world...will bee the ffrst what will be a new multi milliin dollar entertainment ceeterr right in tte heart of ttwson. towson."tooson is ready for its ccoseup" closeup""in this own conomy, to have this inveetmmnt n downtown towson by some of the premier players, is a coup for us." baltimore county executive, kevin kamenetz, says the theater will have 16 screens and 32 hundred seats... restaurants....and aa 00 cale space uuderground parking garage.transforming a space...long untouched and considered an eyesore. eyesore."movie theaters are a &pgreat get for any development
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because you an get others to follow, ttat's whh there's a large request for our theater chain toocome into these developments"but right in the mmddle of theedevelopment... a piece oo towson history. the catherine schmuck cemetery houses the remains of some of the founding families. ddvelopers put out a statement tonight that they will appropriately prottct the graves... but they haven't said whether they will be moving them.but know how theyyll deal wiih hey - áeconcomic graves...or mpty storefronts...they say,,ii's all aboot bringing big scceen 3 all of this is set to ppen in the faal of 2014. the county says the project will create 15 huudred jobs.janice park, fox45 news at ten. it took intense training... 00:00:04 jumping jacks 00:09 00:09 and preppration.all for this...
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a dip in the frigid waters at ssndy point beach for this marylaad state pollce hope to raise more than a million dollars for he special olympics.and they take the 00:04:00 bealfield says: ""t doesn't count unless you get your head wet. doesn't count if you just wade out there. of us. 04:09 por some charities you give help. for this one..... - you give away your comfort, and maybe a bit of your sanity. let's gg inside the mind of joel d. smith as &phe decides to take tte maryland sstteepolice polar bear plunge. plunge. here we go! right about here, i'mm questioning... why did i agree to do this again? with a 30's, going in... willingly er
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pver, but when you look at the results of thisschilly idea 16 to see hy water can do so much. 0o045 youuget used to it, ut its still pretty cold out there. the challenge of getting in this water is enough for thhusands of plungers to bring in moreethan a million dollars a year in donations for the special &polympics. 102 seeign all these ppl gives athletes likk me the cchnce to show our abilities. "113 show that pisabbliiies, are no difffrent than anybody else if given the chance.not enough of a challenge for youu about 50 super -plungers, go in each 235 i was so psched, i could - hardllysleep ast nighhthey say you hht the wall around 4am, but then...149 you look around and see the spec. olympians, and there's no reason toofeel sorry for yyurself. juss jump in the water. ok initiaaly you think, this isn't too bad,
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i'll put my whole body in... and that's when the shock hits llke an ice pick to your soul. gee out! and make a sprint for the hot tub. this is one of the warmest days ever for thii event... a couple years ago:253 it was about 14 degrees, about 3 in the morning, wind chill minus 5. 4422 i remember we'd still be sleepy and it was time for another plunge,,and it would be jimmy who was going, come on grrg, its time to plunge. and its that type of spirit plungers here/ there are country... but this one is now the biggest, and best. i shouud know. 3o00 sooit &pwas a relief, t was mazing.. it was cold. would i do ii again? stay tuned. here at sandy point state partk, joel d. smiih, fox 45 news at ten. can't gee enough of theegoosebumps and cold water chicken skin? head to our website, fox baltimore dot cm and click on he raw news section to see more brave
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souls taking the plunge. ittcoulddhave been a lot colder for thee what does... our weekenn weatter look llkee meteorologist emily gracey with your skywatch forecast. forecast. 3 3&p fighting for life
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after their captain left them to die. the surprisingll small offer the cruise line iis their orddal. & streets oo altimore.
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we've opened up our fugitivv files again.. and we're highlighting three wanted uspects. detectiies are ready to take hotline is always open.. the s number is 410-637-8970. fugitives we're lookinggfor. for. 23-year old naul jose matute is wwnted ffr first degree attempted naul joss matute s 5-feet 8-inches tall and weighs 115 po. pounds. adan villano-leon is wanted on assault and robbery charges. adan villano-leon is 5-feet 8-inches tall and weighs 180 po
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19 year old reggie adams is wanted for assaulting a police officer. reegie adams iss66feet 1- inch tall and weighs 190 &ppounds . f you have even the smallest piece suspects.. call our fugitive files hotline at 410-637--970. p all calls are kepp confidential. pmtulonis of the warrant apprehension task force joins us.ááadan villano-leonáá thh number again is 410-637-8970.
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we willl check back in with our fugitive fiies a little later in thh show. 3 ow much should you get if your life is put in danger and your are getting after the ruise e - ship disaster. 17 teens with a mysteeious illness that mimics tourette's syndrome.. why some doctors say t's all in theirr eads. 3
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i wantwa a bab . a baby?by nortnohern lrnights htin ala as. and ango [ wh[ irringri ] and ani stilstl havehan't but it tone onof tho tse fig fhting in. okay. ayjust ast few tewhingsng we need eeto do comeco on.'sit p [ laughsug ] [ an[ nounceunr ] ]befobere you y make akyour lur, p,makema a lis lt. then genet goi gng in the t complometelyel redesignsied cr- cv. that cruise shii that capsized &pin italy ... will be compensa. compensated.ttey'll each get more than 14-thousand dollars for lost bagggge and beeseparate agreements for phose injured at the scene ... and forrtte families oo those who least 16 peoplee were killed when the cruise hht rocks off the coast of tuucany....16 others are ssill
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missing. a mysterious iilnesssaffecting several girls in new york... is grabbing the attention of environmental activist, erin br. 17 teens developed symptoms similar to tourettes syndrome. &pmany f them.. gooto the same high far, authorities have ruled out environmental factors, but brockovich sn't of the affected teens posted a youtube video.. asking for help from anyone whh might 3"17 "it's noo easy to - ccntrol. i have...when i do this, i have a weird feelingg phat goes up and down my spine all the time... and it's somethiig that won't go aaay. doctor has diagnosed the girls with conversiin disorder...a type of mass hysteriaa... saying thh symptoms are psychological. the girlssplan to undergo further testinggat the national institute of health in ethesdd. 33 3
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3 ohns hopkins... ááisáá...
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working... on a major expansion.../ could... change the quality.../ of... health care.../ in ba. wont be open until pril, but tonight jennifer gilbert gives us our first glimpse of the cutting pddition. p3 3 3 3&---construction workers sanding--crews are putting on the final touches... thh staff pickiig upptheir uniforms... anddsoon johns hopkinss hospital will open the doors
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to it's new charlotte r. phe 1.1 billion dollar ppoject was designed with patients in mind...especialll the needs f sick children. robert hicks: "when your child is fighhing for his life, you dont want to &ppeave that room. you're scare to leave that childs beddide because you dont know if its the last time you'll see our child alivee"for robert hicks... the hospital became a seconn home. his son was born with fluid in his lungs .... rusheddinto inteesiie care before his father ever had tte chance to hold him.rrbert &phicks:"ccn you iiaggne you have to tell your chhld ill be pight back, i gotta take a shower ann iil be back?"that's the idea behinn the new ppdiatric intensive care unit.... parents can be with tteir child 24 hours a day. each patient has a private room... a sofa that pulls ut into a bed... a bathhoom with a shhwer... and lauudry facilitiee.patrice brylske: "kidsstell us one of the hardest parts about being hospitalized is feeling isolated. awwy from your friends."closed-circuit
10:39 pm
tvs...connecc kids to games brylske: "so if you cant get out of your room because your sick or on isolation, your friendship group becomes our virtual vvplayground."the square ffet.... combining with the comforts oo an uuscaae hotel.ronald peterson: peverythinn that w've done in the design has een focused on what we can patient and family centeredness in theecare process..a new emergency department.... triple the size can see more patients innless timm.sound proofing floors nearly 100 exam rooms...are stooked with state of the artt equipment.. pgrades that are that are just nicc. ronald peterson:"the service will match the science, and thats it's bad enough
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hhghway, but what aaout in mid air? &p
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fight crime in baltimore.. just by dialing the phone. &pphone. it's... our.../ fugitive files.../. áájoyáá live... in... north ááwitháá the - latest ...on the search .../ for... suspects. we are the warrant appreheesion taskkforce headquarters. you can see detectives are busy taking calls from people that might have seen or know the fugitives. our hhtlinn will remain open through the late edition.. the umber is 410-637-8970. one small piece of informatton could help solve a crime. crime. 22-year old naul jose matute is wanted for first degree attempted murder. nnul jose matute is 5- 175 pounds. pounds. adan illaao-leon is wanted on . adan villano-leon is 5-feet 88inches tall and wwighs 188 po. pounds. and
10:44 pm
19 year old reggie adams is wanteddfor assaulting a police offiier. reggie adams is 6-feet 1- inch tall and weighs 190 pounns . if you have any informmtion on these suspeccs.. call our hotlinee.. 410-637-8970. lt. brian matulonis of the warrant apppehension task force has been with us all night.. ááreggie adamsáá our hotline again is 410-637-8970. it will remain open
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through the latt edition at 11- thirty. 33 change in command...whattjohn harbaugh says separatee dean pees from other defensive coordinators... nexx in sports unlimited... a... the takeoff emergency s. that had passengers praying for a soft landing. &pand comiig up in 15 minutes o the offensive video being used toopromote a concert... ...and the bizarre reason whh someone waaked away...from a 14 milliin dollar lottery check...for these stories and ..join us tonight at 11. - moments after takeoff, a plane's engine
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explodes anddit's propeller stop. the passengees .../ did.../ coull,...// áátakeáá out... their phones.../ nd... ggab video. video. "this huge explosion. then, all of a ssdden, everything stopped, and it just got totally qqiet, and everyone started to panic and every phone was out (laughs). so,
10:49 pm
we're all just thankful to bee back, now that i can laugh about ii. but,,it was pretty scary. yeah, it was just stopped. he propeller stooped and we all have piiturrs of the propeller, and video, because it was pretty weird to be up in the air with no propeller." 3 jenny.../ shht ...this video... onnher flight.../ ááwhicháá... just... took... offf../ in portland oregon.../ ááforáá seattle..../// áátheáá twin prop... commercial plane.../ as... inn trouble .../ just seconds.../ after... wheels up.../// ááhigh áá over... the city,.../ áátheáá pilot... told the tower.../ he was down one eegine...//. áátheyyá... made it back.../ áánoneáá... of... the 55... aboard.../ was company's...// investigating... what.../ happened. 3 3& cam ameron ii back for another seeaon... season...morgan adsit tells us one of the big reasons why cam still controls the offense... m. morgan... coming upptonnghh on sports unl. unlimited... how cam's relationship with joe flacco helped him on as cooodinator....dean pees taking over for chuck pagano...


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